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Social Listening

Actively listen to what your customers and the people in your community are saying about your product/service. There is plenty of evidence demonstrating the potential of social as a marketing channel across manufacturing brands, dealerships and aftermarket products and services. For example:   Thirty-eight (38) percent of consumers say they will consult social media in…

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Post Engagement

Create posts that engage with your audience.  Geo-Target, Demo-Target and Interest Specific.   A recent CMO Council strategic report found that:   Campaigns focused on cars generate much higher consumer engagement and interest than other social media initiatives, such as charitable causes. Reputation management is seen as potentially the most critical aspect of social marketing, with consumer-generated…

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Build Followers

Geo-Target, Demographic Target and Interest Specific targeting campaigns to grow your social media presence.  Our free 1:1 consultation will give you a real-live look at how social media marketing tools can help you set a useful social marketing strategy specifically tailored to the Automotive industry, and how you are measuring up against your competition.  …

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